3 Reasons to Bring M.A.D. Along for your Casper, WY Ride

Towing & Transportation in Wyoming

At M.A.D. Transportation & Towing, we won't just rescue your car, we'll rescue your day, too. You could be miles and miles away from home and feeling helpless. New to the area and out of your comfort zone, you're probably overwhelmed. Our honest mechanics will take the time to help you - whether you're a tourist or a local, we do right by our customers.

Car troubles have the potential to ruin your good mood, but M.A.D. Transportation won't let that happen. Here are three reasons to choose our Casper, Wyoming towing service - trust us, you'll want us on the job.

1. Our towing services will get you back on the road fast!

You're cruising along when your car suddenly spins out. You make contact with another vehicle, and you're too shaken up to process the damage. Don't worry. M.A.D. Transportation & Towing, LLC is a Casper, Wyoming-based towing company that offers 24/7 emergency tow truck service. We'll arrive on the scene quickly. Our flatbed trucks are equipped to tow:

  • Wrecked cars
  • Pickup trucks
  • Horse trailers
  • Farm vehicles

Although we can't undo the damage, we do offer affordable wrecker service when you're hit in Casper, WY.

2. We offer roadside assistance to the entire Casper area

Road trips are fun but unpredictable. Expect the best and prepare for the worst by storing the number for M.A.D. Transportation & Towing in your phone. If a tire blows or your transmission gives out, just call us at 307-577-6326. We'll tow your car or truck to a repair shop or storage facility in the Casper, Wyoming area.

M.A.D. Transportation & Towing also works with insurance companies to help clear traffic accidents. Your provider can contact us to learn more about our competitive rates and collision services.

3. M.A.D. goes the extra mile when driving long distance

Maybe you were somewhere off the beaten path when your car broke down. Rest assured, the M.A.D. towing crew will find you. Whether you were adventuring on vacation or traveling for work, you can trust us to handle long-distance towing from Casper, Wyoming.

We have a reputation for operating sturdy tow trucks - our vehicles can even move mobile sheds and other movable structures! Request a towing estimate by calling us today.

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